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Reach For The Stars

Why Libraries, Actors and Event Planners Should have this Book

Voted Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist in the Career category for 2000. Do you want to be a STAR, or, get paid to have fun and be the talk of the party and are intrigued by celebrities? If so, then this is the book for you.

"Made You Look" is filled with exciting ideas and expert advice that is sure to make you the star of the party and spark some imaginative conversations. This beautifully packaged color coffee table book is filled with over 200 amusing photographs of the nation's Top Professional Celebrity Impersonators and Look-alikes, who share their interesting stories, how to expert adv ice, and contact information to get help you get started.

This book educates the reader on the process of creating a character and rehearsal, assembling a promotional package, contacting agencies and much more-making it invaluable to anyone interested in this specialized acting profession, talent and form of entertainment.

This book is not just for the professional, it is for the actor and the prankster in all of us. Go behind th scenes of these unique actors lives to get a gllimpse of their real lives and their lives of illusion as a Celebrity Double.

The author is Denise Bella Vlasis, a Top Madonna Look-alike Impersonator since 1984, and th publisher is Hollie Vest, a Top Sound-alike/ Look-alike since 1985.

This book acknowledges a group of unique actors and entertainers who miraculously transform themselfs into recreations of Legendary Superstars.

Filled with excitement and entertainment, this book is and interesting conversation piece and makes a fun and unique gift for anyone you want to amuse and make smile. For those in the showbusiness, this book is a valuable resource tool, and a definitive guide to the Professional Celebrity Impersonator and Look-alike Industry.

About the Author:

Denise Bella Vlasis has performed since 1984 as a Madonna Celebrity Impersonator. In 1986, MTV held Madonnas' "Make My Video" contest and Bellas' video was handpicked by Madonna as a top 10 finalist out of the 2000 videos entered. Her video was then selected as first runner up and was the only Celebrity look-alike impersonator to be selected. Bella met the real Madonna shortly thereafter, and was inspired to continue her career as a Celebrity Impersonator.

Bella has appeared as Madonna on The Tonight Show - four times, Entertainment Tonight - twice and Hard Copy - five times. Other television appearances include "E-Channel", MTV, HBO numerous talk shows, game shows, music videos, and magazine articles. Bella is also featured as Madonna in the book "A Day in the Life of Hollywood" and "Encyclopedia Madonnica."

MADE YOU LOOK is the first book that Denise Bella Vlasis has authored. She is currently pursuing an acting career and continues to perform her tribute to Madonna.

Back cover features:
Gene Greytak as Pope John Paul II
(Jeff Hyman Photography).
Made You Look Back CoverThe Celebrity Impersonator Bible

Description: 9" x 12", 360 pages, Hard Cover, Color Coffee Table Book with over 200 photographs weighing 4.2 lbs.

Table of Contents:

I.Star Quality
II. Greatest From of Flattery
III. My Journey as Madonna
IV. Who do You look like? 
V. Top Celebrity Impersonators
VI. How do I start
VII. Finding work- The Business of Show Biz
VIII. Jobs - What I actually Do. When I Work
IV. Sucess vs. Fame
X. Index (Names and Numbers)
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The Celebrity Impersonator Bible

Made You Look Cover
Book cover features Celebrity Impersonators:
The Author - Denise Bella Vlasis as Madonna,
The Publisher - Hollie Vest as Tina Turner,
Sandra Wood as Cher.


About the Publisher:
The year 2005 celebrates 20 years of this Thrilling Tribute by Hollie Vest.

Hollie Vest has thrilled audiences since 1985 with her Tina Turner tribute - not exactly what one would expect of an Artist who strived to be an original singer/song writer. “The Thrill of The Hunt” CD was produced, written and performed by Hollie Vest.

Hollie Vest started entertaining professionally in 1977, and spent 15 years as a bandleader/singer performing all styles of music through out Southern California Night Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Theme Parks and Restaurants. After many years of being compared to Tina, she surprised her audience one New Year's Eve by donning Tina Turner's attire and attitude singing “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. The audience loved it, and a star was reborn, along with a new career as a Celebrity Impersonator.

Hollie Vest performs her live tribute to Tina Turner authentically and respectfully with boundless high energy recreating the illusion (both physically and vocally) of the Queen of Rock 'N Roll for major Corporate Events, Private Parties, Cruise Ships and Las Vegas Style Production Shows around the world. The following are JUST A FEW of the HIGHLIGHTS of her career. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers cast Hollie as "Tina" in his Medley's Superstar Show. In 1996, she opened for the real Evander HolyField at a convention in Birmingham, Alabama. A two-year stint in South Africa in the Sun City Extravaganza Show "Beyond Belief" followed. In 2000, Hollie opened for the real Chubby Checker and closed for the real Colin Powell at a New Orleans convention. In 2002, Hollie performed as Tina Turner for the finale at a corporate Event in New Orleans at the Superdome and received a standing ovation from 12,000 people.

Over the years Hollie Vest has received awards and recognition for her talents and years of entertaining. In 1993, Hollie received the Grand Ball Entertainer Award for her 15 years of performing throughout Southern California with her band. In the same year she was given ICI Best Female R&B "Reel Award" from International Celebrity Images.

In 1999, Hollie created Thrillennium Books and published the ultimate Celebrity Impersonator book entitled “Made You Look”. Hollie's Story is one of more than 101 impersonators who share their experience and how-to tips on this unique art and career. FORWARD MAGAZINE, the magazine of Independent Publishing, announced at the 2001 Book Expo America that the Book of The Year Award Finalist for the Career Category for 2000 is “MADE YOU LOOK”.

International Celebrity Images presented Hollie Vest with the ICI 2001 Reel AWARD for Best Book on the subject of Celebrity Impersonation publisher of Thrillennium Books for publishing “MADE YOU LOOK’.

Hollie Vest, publisher of Thrillennium Books, received The IGCITA CLONEY AWARD 2002 for Best Supporting Enhancement of Celebrity Impersonation by the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artist for publishing “MADE YOU LOOK’. Hollie was also nominated for the 2002 IGCITA CLONEY AWARD for best female vocalist.

Hollie Vest was the Recipient of the 2003 International Celebrity Images award for Best Corporate Event Performance as Tina Turner for her 2002 New Orleans Super Dome show for 12,000 people, where she received a standing ovation.

Made You Look
by Denise Bella Vlasis
ISBN# 1-928739-00-8
P.O. Box 33219
Las Vegas, Nevada 89133

Please FAX (702) 645-3028
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