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Reach For the Stars

Simply the Best...
Tina Turner Tribute... Live!
All Live Vocals No Lip Sync!
Hollie Vest... Almost Tina Turner
Recreating The Look... The Moves...
The Sounds... The Excitement... of Today's Tina Turner!

Just Some of the Places You've Seen This Private Dancer

Awards & Nominations

2008 Entertainment Network Artist Choice Nomination for "THRILLUSIONS"- Producer of the Year" to Hollie Vest

2008 International Celebrity Images REEL Awards Nomination for "THRILLUSIONS" - Producer of the Year" to Hollie Vest

2008 International Celebrity Images REEL Awards Nomination for "THRILLUSIONS" - Best Print " to Hollie Ves

2007 International Celebrity Images REEL Awards presented "The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" to Hollie Vest as Tina Turner


2005 ICI International Celebrity Images REEL Awards presented " The POP 'N ROCK for REEL AWARD to Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

2005 International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artist - The IGCITA Cloney Award  Nomination for Best Female Musical Star Impersonation

2003 ICI International Celebrity Images Reel Awards presented "The Best Corporate Event Performance" to Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

2002  International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artist - The IGCITA Cloney AWARD for Best Supporting Enhancement of Celebrity Impersonation to HollieVest for publishing The "MADE YOU LOOK" Coffee Table Book on Celebrity Impersonators.

2002 International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artist - The IGCITA Cloney Award Nomination for Best Female Vocalist

2001 ICI International Celebrity Images Reel Awards for the Best Book on the subject to HollieVest for publishing The "MADE YOU LOOK" Coffee Table Book on Celebrity Impersonators.

1993 Grand Ball Entertainer AWARD

1993 ICI International Celebrity Images Reel AWARD for- Best Female R&B "Reel Award" for Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

Stage Productions

Diva's Live!
Superstars Live! 2002
Legendary Superstars Live! 2002
Celebrities On Stage 2002
Superstars Live 2001
Superstars on Stage 2001
StarStruck 2001
Beyond Belief
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US Performances

Las Vegas, Nevada
Boston, Massachusetts
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York, New York
Somarset, New Jersey
Orlando, Florida
The Villages, Florida
Atlanta, Georiga
Lafayette, Louisiana
Blackhawk, Colorado
Shreveport, Louisiana
Branson, Missouri
Manhattan, New York
Birmingham, Alabama
Tunica, Mississippi
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tacoma, Washington
Galveston, Texas
Pairs, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan
Phoenix, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Oakland, California
Modesto, Califorina
Honolulu, Hawaii
San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California
Essex, New York
Albany, New York
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnisota
San Jose,California
Rancho Santa Fe, California
Long Beach, California
Beverly Hills, California

Foreign Performances

South Africa
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
St. Thomas


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Felicia Mambozo - South Africa
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ABC Channel 26 - New Orleans


Celebrity Impersonator Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

Hollie Vest as Tina Turner with her Private Dancers at the IGCITA 2004 Convention in Las Vegas

Corporate Clients

2008 Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra Fundraiser
2008 YWC Seattle Washington Fundraiser
2008 Gentec Customer Awards Dinner Presentation
2008 National Retail Federation NYC Conference Expo
2007 Harrahs New Orleans - "THRILLUSIONS" Production Show
2007 AAPR National Washington DC Staff Conference Expo
2007 Mullen for Olympus Cameras - Photo Marketing Trade Show
2007 Harrahs Biloxi Staff Award Show
2007 National Unishippers Las Vegas Welcome Reception
2007 National AARP DC Convention Expo
2007 Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra Fundraiser
2007 Bay Path College Event
2007 Las Vegas Olympus Camera Trade Show
2007 National Jarman Las Vegas Event
2007 National RAC RAMA Chicago Kickoff Ceremony
2007 Gemini Industries Inc. Award Show Boston
2006 Hollywood Casino, New Year's Eve
2006 Lexus National Bonus Awards Las Vegas Christmas Party
2006 The Villages Concert Series
2006 Reed Expo Employee Wrap Private Party
2006 National Hardware Golden Hammer Awards
2006 Philip Morris International Vegas Convention
2006 The Villages-Savannah Center Concert Series
2006 Toyota International Orlando Convention
2006 National Walkaway Automotive Orlando Convention
2006 Prudential New Jersey's Properties Award Show
2006 Snowball 10 Year Anniversary Variety Winter Fantasies
2005 GAC International Vegas Convention
2005 Borton Volvo Annual Festival
2005 International Liver Transplant Society
2005 NACE NOLA Patrion Black & White Ball
2005 National Grange Insurance
2005 National Recuritmax Software
2005 AIM Mail Center National 20 yr. Anniv.
2005 National American Choice Home Buyers
2005 National Coldwell Bankers Team Awards
2005 National American Express
2005 National Nokia Sugar Bowl Celebration
2005 International Conference Homebuilders Association of Maryland
2004 National Lynk System Holiday Party
2004 National Hologic Holiday Party
2004 Millinium Home Care Holiday Party
2004 Teichert Contruction Holiday Party
2004 National PETCO Convention Rocks2
2004 National Coldwell Bankers Team Awards
2004 National T-Mobil Customer Service Awards
2003 Ostrom Painting & Sandblasting Holiday Party
2003 National Deli & Bakery Association
2003 Nation Wide Access
2003 12th Annual Reel Awards
2003 National Tribal Secretaries Falmouth Institute
2003 National Air Force Sergeants Association
2003 National Odyssey Quest
2003 Somerset S.O.S. Benefit
2003 French Quarter Women's Assoc. Fundraiser
2003 Russel's Surprise Roast-Atlanta, GA.
2003 100th B-Day Kamber Group Labor Union
2003 Louisiana Sheriff Association
2003 Vegas Vip Nation Wide Financial
2002 New Orleans Super Dome Entergy Xmas Event
2002 Posh Exclusive Interiors Christmas Party
2002 Performance Auto Group Casino Nite Xmas Party
2002 National Rentway 20th Birthday Celebration
2002 National Solucient Conference
2002 House of Blues New Orleans Corp. Event
2002 National Erie Construction
2002 National Tapley Entertainment
2002 Mulhern Annual Sales Meeting
2002 National Accredited Home Lenders
2002 National Homecare Supply
2002 National Powel Furniture
2002 National Candid Color Systems
2001 Fairbanks Ranch C.C. NY Eve Gala
2001 St Mary Medical Center Xmas Party
2001 Hyundai Holiday Party
2001 Mirage Casino Employee xmas Party
2001 FMC Company Holiday Party
2001 Milwaukee Pride Fest Summer Festival
2001 San Jose Civic Auditorium
2001 National Taco Bell Awards Dinner
2001 Anaheim Chamber of Commerce
2001 Fidelity Financial
2001 IBM Retail Solutions Awards
2001 Entrust Computer Technology
2001 National Apartment Association
2001 National Giga Information World Group
2001 MD & M Trade Show
2001 LPL National Convention
2001 Schering Pharmaceutical Awards
2001 Via Systems Global Conference
2001 Verizon Wireless Regional
2001 National Workforce Excellence Board
2001 Department of Labor
2001 Ingram Micro
2001 Book Expo America
2001 Century 21Diamond Bar Xmas Party
2001 Revvn' with Ford
2001 National PETCO Convention
2001 Int'l Food Service Executives Assoc.
2001 National A & W Root Beer
2001 Krupps National Trade Show
2001 Encompass Electrical
2000 Revvn' with Ford
2000 Book Expo America
2000 National Apartment Association
2000 National ARMA
2000 Century 21Diamond Bar Xmas Party
Kaiser Permanente
Hughes Space & Communications
Fowler Packing Company
Coachman Recreations Vehicles
Denali Software
Vision Users Groups
Sierra Medical Group
Beaulieu of America
1996 National Wal-Mart Convention

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Salem News - Boston Massachusetts
Boston Globe - Boston Massachusetts
Las Vegas Sun-
VegasBeat- Nevada
Times Picayune-
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Shreveport Times
National Enquirer
National Examiner

Woman's Own Magazine- National
Associated Press- National
TV's Facts - California
Pasadena Weekly - California
Register - California
The Desert Sun - California
Mountain News - California
The Herald News- Illinois
Players Panorama - National
The Card Player - National
Singles Register - National
Dirt Alert/ Call Back - Las Vegas
Las Vegan Magazine - National
Valley News - New York
Off Beat Magazine- New Orleans

Fund Raisers/ Charity& Private Events

2006 North Shore YMCA Fund Raiser Boston
2005 Karla's "Lift Me Up" Party
2005 Preservation Resource Center- Julia Jump
2004 Preservation Resource Center- Julia Jump
2003 F.Q. Business Women's Network Xmas in July Fundraiser
2001 74th Variety International Convention
2001 Vegas Variety Bike Giveaway
2001 Revvin' with Ford Children's Charities Coalition
2000 72nd Variety International Convention
Variety International Textile Fundraiser
2000 Revvin' with Ford Children's Charities Coalition

Aids Heartline
South Bay Free Clinic
Last Chance For Animals

Print - Foreign

The Star - South Africa
Edmonton Sun - Canada
Edmonton Journal - Canada
Edmonton Examiner - Canada


Celebrity Impersonator Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

July 1994


The year 2005 celebrates 20 years of this Thrilling Tribute by Hollie Vest.

Hollie Vest has thrilled audiences since 1985 with her Tina Turner tribute - not exactly what one would expect of an Artist who strived to be an original singer/song writer. “The Thrill of The Hunt” CD was produced, written and performed by Hollie Vest.

Hollie Vest started entertaining professionally in 1977, and spent 15 years as a bandleader/singer performing all styles of music through out Southern California Night Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Theme Parks and Restaurants. After many years of being compared to Tina, she surprised her audience one New Year's Eve by donning Tina Turner's attire and attitude singing “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. The audience loved it, and a star was reborn, along with a new career as a Celebrity Impersonator.

Hollie Vest performs her live tribute to Tina Turner authentically and respectfully with boundless high energy recreating the illusion (both physically and vocally) of the Queen of Rock 'N Roll for major Corporate Events, Private Parties, Cruise Ships and Las Vegas Style Production Shows around the world. The following are JUST A FEW of the HIGHLIGHTS of her career. Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers cast Hollie as "Tina" in his Medley's Superstar Show. In 1996, she opened for the real Evander HolyField at a convention in Birmingham, Alabama. A two-year stint in South Africa in the Sun City Extravaganza Show "Beyond Belief" followed. In 2000, Hollie opened for the real Chubby Checker and closed for the real Colin Powell at a New Orleans convention. In 2002, Hollie performed as Tina Turner for the finale at a corporate Event in New Orleans at the Superdome and received a standing ovation from 12,000 people.

Over the years Hollie Vest has received awards and recognition for her talents and years of entertaining. In 1993, Hollie received the Grand Ball Entertainer Award for her 15 years of performing throughout Southern California with her band. In the same year she was given ICI Best Female R&B "Reel Award" from International Celebrity Images.

In 1999, Hollie created Thrillennium Books and published the ultimate Celebrity Impersonator book entitled “Made You Look”. Hollie's Story is one of more than 101 impersonators who share their experience and how-to tips on this unique art and career. FORWARD MAGAZINE, the magazine of Independent Publishing, announced at the 2001 Book Expo America that the Book of The Year Award Finalist for the Career Category for 2000 is “MADE YOU LOOK”.

International Celebrity Images presented Hollie Vest with the ICI 2001 Reel AWARD for Best Book on the subject of Celebrity Impersonation publisher of Thrillennium Books for publishing “MADE YOU LOOK’.

Hollie Vest, publisher of Thrillennium Books, received The IGCITA CLONEY AWARD 2002 for Best Supporting Enhancement of Celebrity Impersonation by the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators & Tribute Artist for publishing “MADE YOU LOOK’. Hollie was also nominated for the 2002 IGCITA CLONEY AWARD for best female vocalist.

Hollie Vest was the Recipient of the 2003 International Celebrity Images award for Best Corporate Event Performance as Tina Turner for her 2002 New Orleans Super Dome show for 12,000 people, where she received a standing ovation.

Celebrity Impersonator Hollie Vest as Tina Turner
See the Show Everyone is Talking About!
Superstars Live keeps getting better and better! joining Daylin James as ELVIS, us Hollie Vest as TINA TURNER, Tom Bongiorno as NEIL DIAMOND, and Casy Ferguson as Willie Nelson. Come see your favorite celebrity look-a-likes sing your favorite songs, backed by a live band and beatuful dancers.

Hollywood Casino
Hollywood Casino, Shreveport, Louisiana (April/May 2002)


Celebrity Impersonator Hollie Vest as Tina Turner
Jan, Feb & Mar 1995


Celebrity Impersonator Hollie Vest as Tina Turner