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Simply the Best...
Tina Turner Tribute... Live!
Hollie Vest... Almost Tina Turner
Recreating The Look... The Moves...
The Sounds... The Excitement... of Today's Tina Turner!

Letters of Appreciation, Accolades, and Press Reviews

"She Looked Like Tina Turner. She Strutted Like Tina Turner.
She Sang Like Tina Turner."

2006 North Shore YMCA Fund Raiser Media Articles
Over Tina Turner Impersonator - Hollie Vest!


Some Fooled By Tina Turner Look-alike at Y Benefit
By Susan Flynn , Staff writer
Salem News - Published: November 21, 2006

She looked like Tina Turner. She strutted like Tina Turner. She sang like Tina Turner.

But yesterday YMCA officials were contacting people who bid hundreds of dollars to dance with the leggy legend at a benefit Saturday night to reveal that the woman with the raspy voice and wild hair who made a surprise appearance was not the real deal.

Close to 600 people turned out for the $125-a-ticket fundraiser at the Sheraton Ferncroft Resort in Danvers for the YMCA of the North Shore, and many left under the impression that the touted mystery "special guest" was, in fact, Tina Turner.

At no point in the night did the organizers announce to the crowd otherwise.

"I've had nothing but positive feedback, and we're thrilled with how it went," Meany said. "If in any way we misled people, I apologize."

All night long, guests at the YMCA benefit were buzzing about the "special guest" who was expected to show up around 8:15 p.m. One Y staffer said giddily that "he" was already upstairs at the Ferncroft. A hotel employee said he was told to expect this special guest to arrive with bodyguards.

A little before 8:30 p.m., event co-chairman Jon Gray announced that they wanted to "crank it up a notch on the North Shore" and introduced "a new friend" of the YMCA.

Then the Tina Turner look-alike, wearing black leather and spiked heels, entered through a side door. The crowd, not sure she was the real thing, was quiet at first, but eventually many rose to their feet. Cell phone cameras came out. Screams did, too. People stood up and danced and clamored to shake hands.

Partygoer Tyler DeScenza of DeScenza Diamonds got the chance to dance, thanks to a bid someone else made, and was convinced the Tina Turner on the dance floor was the real thing. Yesterday, he said he was surprised, but not bothered, to learn it was not.

"I had fun, what the heck," he said. "I would have liked to think it was her, but everyone was doing it for a good cause."

Like most people, Jack Good, a member of the Y board, said he didn't know it wasn't Tina Turner until yesterday when someone at work broke the news. He laughed about it. He thinks people came to the event to give, and he doesn't think the fact that the singer was an impersonator would affect how much they spent.

"I'll tell you," he said, "I told a couple of people we saw (over the weekend) that I saw Tina Turner."

YMCA board member Bill Wasserman said he thinks the event organizers pulled off a "great coup" and a "wonderful hoax."

"What kind of jackass would think Tina Turner is coming to a YMCA function?" asked the Ipswich resident. "I think it's great if we were hoodwinked. It was a joke. How could you not be tickled by that?"


What's Tina Got To Do With It?
Impersonator Fooled, Wowed Fans in Danvers
By Raja Mishra, Globe Staff  |  November 22, 2006

They didn't say it was Tina Turner. But they didn't say it wasn't.

The theme of the night was "Casino Royale," same as the new James Bond movie. "Turner" sang the theme song to an earlier 007 film, "Golden Eye," and thus the impersonator, said YMCA officials.

Attendees at a YMCA fund-raiser at a Danvers hotel Saturday were dumbfounded when the "special guest" pranced on stage, dressed in slinky black and heels. What was the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll doing here? At a benefit for the Y? In Danvers?!

Within minutes, cameras began flashing, and old men danced like young boys as the singer belted out "Proud Mary." Many attendees bragged all weekend that they had partied with the international superstar.

Until word got out that Tina was actually Hollie. As in Hollie Vest , a legend, though only in celebrity impersonation circles, for her Las Vegas-based Tina Turner act.

"It looked just like her, but I've never seen Tina Turner in person” said Tyler DeScenza, a guest at the fund-raiser who said he was thoroughly fooled, "I'd say 95 percent of the people there thought it was her. Everyone was saying, 'I can't believe she's here!' "

"She had the deep voice like Tina Turner, and looked and dressed like her," said Paul Gorman , chief development officer for the YMCA North Shore. "I thought that, you know, there are a lot of influential people on the North Shore who have contacts. So, you never know."

Bill Wasserman, a YMCA board member , said, "I'm 79 years old, and I didn't know if it was Tina Turner or not. But it sure seemed like it."

"Everyone had a good time," said DeScenza. "And Tina Turner wasn't the point. It was a fund-raiser."

At first, Tom Anderson of Rockport, a Turner fan who has seen her in concert, was a believer.

"It was a great event. Tina was the icing on the cake," said Anderson. " And if it wasn't her, hey, we had a great time anyway."

© Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company.


Tina Turner Impersonator: 'Better Be Good' to Y
By Susan Flynn , Staff writer
Salem News - Published: November 22, 2006

Organizers of the YMCA benefit held at the Sheraton Ferncroft Resort in Danvers had hired Vest to entertain the 600 guests, seeking to add some flavor to the annual event. At first, some in the room were skeptical that she was authentic, but as the "special guest" sang and danced, more people became convinced they were witnessing the legend up close and personal.

"I'm complimented that I did my job well," she said. "I thought they pulled off a fabulous event."

August 2005, Karia's Celebration Party.

She was absolutely spectacular, and truly made the party a much bigger success than I could have imagined.  She was extremely personable, and put on a really memorable performance for the entire crowd of 65 people, but especially for my Mother-in-law.  Her spirits were raised so high, we just now finished with the clean-up, the last guest left around 10:00, and we just got Mom to bed.  It’s about 4 hours past her usual bedtime, but her adrenaline was flowing strong!

Thanks again for making the arrangements on such short notice, and providing outstanding talent!

I’d be happy to be a reference for Hollie anytime!

Warm regards,

Ron Bruder, and my entire family.


2005 Nace Black & White Ball

2004 National PETCO Convention Rocks 2
August 8,10 & 11, 2004

2004 National Coldwell Bankers Team Awards
March 30, 2004

2004 National Coldwell Bankers Team Awards
March 30, 2004

Julia Jump March 26, 2004

Julia Jump March 26, 2004

2004 National T-Mobil Customer Service Awards
January 22, 2004

Super Dome November 2, 2002
New Orleans, Louisiana
Entergy Company Picnic (12,000 Attendees)

You are fabulous! Thank you for bringing your "Tina" act to our National Apartment Association Opening Party last week in Las Vegas. You are not only a dead ringer for Tina and Incredibly talented, but you are also a joy to be around. I appreciate your willingness to extend your performance that night.

There were over 1800 people at Club Utopia that night and compliments about you were flowing more freely than beer. Everyone loved you and most thought you were the real Tina.

The party was an incredible success and please know how appreciative I am to you for the sensational performance. It was a showstopper.

Robert Johnston Chairman - National Apartment Association

Hollie Vest's dynamic performance at the Woodward Dream Cruise, Revvin' with Ford, was a huge success. Last year's event attracted over a half million people. You could always tell where Hollie was performing - the crows were stupendous.

Hollie's transformation from Tina Turner to Peggy Lee was unbelievable. One of the hotel staff members waited outside of her room to verify it was really Hollie and not someone else.

This year, Revvin' with Ford is anticipation 1.5 million people. Ford Motor Company is looking forward to Hollie returning for another convincing, captivating performance.

Diane Martin - Ford Motor Company
May 7, 2001

Dear Hollie,

Please accept this Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Tuskegee
Airmen and myself for being a part of and participating in the Historic
Uniting of the Tuskegee Airmen and the 15th Air Force Heavy Bomber Crews
during Veterans Homecoming 2001.

I can't thank you enough for the Love and Appreciation you have shown the
Tuskegee Airmen in honoring them and making them welcome to Branson in such an extraordinary way.

You are the true "Tina Turner" and every one is still talking about you and
hoping you can come back again next year.

Look forward to seeing you again.

Trish Thompson - Event Coordinator for the "Tuskegee Airmen"


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"Beyond Belief"
19 month run in South Africa

"There have been two Tina Turners at Sun City, South Africa this week ... the one that looks and sounds like the real one, and the really real one.

As the really real one rehearsed for the launch of her world tour in Johannesburg next month, the look alike -- real name , Hollie Vest -- was busy with her own show, Beyond Belief, which opened at the Sun City Theater on Thursday.

Hollie is one of the 30-strong cast of a spectacular that features illusion, magic, dance, comedy -- and impersonation, ... Hollie is said to resemble the superstar so closely that managers at the resort were thrown into confusion when they first spotted her. Until they discovered the truth, they assumed that the genuine Tina Turner had arrived a day before she was expected."

Adrian Montenth - The Star
Johannesburg, South Africa

Seeing Double

First Tina Turner arrived in this country for a series of concerts and Jo-burg theater-goers were in the strange position of being able to see the Private Dancer in the Flesh or Hollie Vest impersonating her with great aplomb at Sun City.

Janine Walker - The Star
Johannesburg, South Africa


While the Oscar dress rehearsals were going on late last week in Los Angeles, around at the corner at the Henry Fonda Theatre more than 100 celebrity impersonators gathered for the Reel Awards.

It is an elaborate stage and awards show that benefits children's charities.

Most of the best acts were by performers originating in Las Vegas, including Hollie Vest (Tina Turner), Michael Colby (Ricky Martin), and Brendan Paul(Elvis).

The Outstanding 2002 Contemporary Stage Performer nod went to Jay White, who stars in a Neil Diamond Tribute show at the Riviera.

Some of the real-life stars who turned out at the event included Debbie Reynolds, Monty Hall and Lainie Kazan.

Timothy McDarrah
March 25,2003

"Rollin' on the River...Faux Tina finds her calling on Prytania"

Hollie vest, famed Tina Turner impersonator and entertainer, relocated from Las Vegas to New Orleans recently to add B&B operator and historic mansion preservationist to her fascinating resume. Life has gone swimmingly ever since.

One of my favorite topics of discussion is the Muse at work in New Orleans, that intangible and indefinable allure this city holds for entertainers, and creative people generally.

I love the stories of New England bankers who chuck it all to come here and open an art gallery (Jonathan Ferrara), or former sitcom stars who ditch Beverly Hills to open curio shops in the French Quarter (Harry Anderson), or rock stars who come to soak in the hot, mystical vibe and create new sounds and stories ( a list to long to mention).

Add presently to this roster the name of Hollie Vest, who offers a most engaging spin to this formula. Vest is a Tina Turner impersonator from Las Vegas, who has moved to New Orleans to open a Garden District bed and breakfast.

Now, before we begin this curious story, keep in mind two things. First: Vest is no ordinary impersonator, some kind of celebrity-wannabe chasing some kind of bizarre and utterly unrealistic dream. The fact is, for the past 17 years, she has collected a steady and handsome paycheck playing Tina Turner on cruise ships, in casinos and and at conventions around the world.

Good work if you can get it. (And, to answer the obvious question that springs to mind here: Yes, she's got legs.)

Second: As you might expect from someone who wears a costume every day, whose life is filled with Vegas spotlights and pop star illusion, the Magnolia Mansion features a series of bedrooms adorned with such lavish Victorian decor and fantasy as to border on the outrageous. That's the long description. The short one is this: It's really cool.

The Times Picayune -Chris Rose 2002
New Orleans, Louisiana

'TINA TURNER', others wow them at HOLLYWOOD

Tina turner Superstar had the four men in the palm of her hand on stage Tuesday night at Hollywood Casino & Hotel Celebrity Lounge. Turner Played by Hollie Vest, was one of four performers starting a new rendition of 'SuperStars Live'. It has been a hot hit with sellout performances, said Hollywood General Manager Gary Gregg, who was watching the show.

Margaret Martin - Shreveport Times 2002
Shreveport, Louisiana

Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

Vegas Beat- Reel Awards

While the Oscar Dress Rehearsals were going on late week in Los Angeles, around at the corner at the Henry Ford Theatre more than 100 celebrity impersonators gathered for the Reel Awards.

It is an elaborate stage and awards show that benefits children's charities.

Most of the best acts were by performers originating in Las Vegas, including Hollie Vest (Tina Turner), Michael Colby (Ricky Martin), and Brendan Paul (Elvis).

Las Vegas Sun "Vegas Beat"
Timothy McDarrah 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hot Scoop!

"You have heard about small town rumors. On Saturday evening I received a "hot scoop" from my good friend, Pat Ferguson.

We joined about 100 other locals who decided that it was a nice evening from a stroll around Beggs Point. We paused to the music provided for a lavish (by Essex standards) party being held at the Cabins by the Lake. And we were not disappointed when a long white limo pulled up and out bounced Tina Turner! She entertained those assembled (invited or not invited) for over a half hour from the end of McKenna's dock. It was quite an evening, by Essex standards! She was cheered on her way back to the limo, shared a warm handshake with Margaret Klink, and received a large bouquet of black-eyed Susans from Laura Sells Doyle before driving off into the night. And to think that there are those who say we live in the fly-infested back woods."

(At press time, it was learned that it was a Tina Turner impersonator, and a darned good one.)

Dianne Lansing , Valley News
Essex, New York

Critic's Choice

"Top singers are in town this weekend and you'll never get a better choice than this. Hollie Vest will be at the top Hop in Fountain Valley on Saturday night with her 'Tribute to Tina Turner' Show. Normally, we're not real fond of impersonator shows, but Vest is worth seeing."

Barry Koltnow, Register
Orange County, California


" An impressive convincing Tina Turner takes to the stage, all legs and troll-spiked hair, belting out 'What's Love Got to Do With It' with that nasally attitude of a voice."

Pasadena Weekly, California


"Hollie Vest, as Tina Turner, returns. And if you think angela Basset is explosive as Tina in the movie 'What's Love Got To Do With it', wait 'til you see this gal!"

Pasadena Weekly, California

The Real Thing

"Things get pretty hairy on stage for Tina Turner impersonator Hollie Vest ... As Tina Turner. Hollie Vest approximates the moves and speaking voice of the real thing with aplomb.

The Edmonton Journal, Canada

Private Dancer

"If you like the wonderful & exciting Tina Turner you'll love the HOLLIE VEST takeoff on this famous entertainer. Hollie has performed at Caesars Tahoe and the Playboy Club in Los Angeles. This special Tina Tribute performance is ... "Highly recommended."

TV Facts, California

A Turn on Tina

It may look and sound an awful like Tina Turner, bur it's all part of the versatile and highly entertaining show put on by Hollie Vest ... Her authentic and energetic Tina Turner imitation is one of the highlights of her performances."

Mountain News & Mountaineer, California

She's Tina

"She's TINA! And I Should know, I sat behind those legs for a year and a half!"

Gene Dozier, Piano Player
for Tina Turner, 1966-1967

Fake Legends Make a Fun Evening

"somewhere, probably just outside Las Vegas, there has to be this vast tent city. It's inhabited by strange young men in sideburns who mumble, "Thank you very much," kids in horn-rimmed glasses who hum "Peggy Sue" and ladies with big hair singing 'Crazy'.

There are ersatz Sinatras, model Madonnas and cloned Marilyns. And they all fan out across the country to feed what seems to be an insatiable desire to watch counterfeit performers ape the great talents of our time.

When these melancholy imitations are bad it can be excruciating. But when they are good ... they ride a wash of nostalgia to bring an evening of fire entertainment.

Hollie Vest hails from Las Vegas (see I told you.) Vest has the stage persona of Tina Turner down so well that I suspect they must have been separated at birth."

The Edmonton Sun, Canada

Show Stopping Impersonation

"She does a show stopping impersonation of Tina Turner. 'I admire Tina tremendously ... but my Tina is a tribute. I want to be me, Hollie Vest ... and then have a Tina Turner kind of career!"

Dirt Alert Entertainment News
Las Vegas, Nevada

Non-Stop Action

"Topping off the evening was hollie vest as Tina Turner, who gives the most exciting, high energy performance by far. She's non-stop action from her opening number 'Disco Inferno' to the last song "Simply the Best'.

Vest certainly has the look and moves of Tina. Vest also catches the attention of the audience with her charm and humor.

The Edmonton Examiner, Canada


Hollie Vest as Tina Turner

Hollie Vest as Tina Turner


HOLLIE VEST: A 'Celebrity' On The Go...

Just back from Cannes, celebrity impersonator Hollie Vest called to tell us about some of her recent adventures,.

Hollie, as Tina Turner, and Gene Greytak, as Pope John Paul II, were in Chicago at Book Expo America 2001 in early June to represent the book "Made You Look," which was named a finalist in the Career category of Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year competition.

A month earlier, Hollie was in Barbados to perform as Tina Turner & Carmen Miranda at Variety International Children's Charity, the largest of its kind in the world. Monty Hall was the MC and prolific entertainer Harry Belafonte was honored with the Humanitarian Award. The 75th annual event will be held next year here in Las Vegas and will be coordinated by Rob T. Allen of A & D Productions.

CALL BACK....VOL.25 # 01

Vest Rocks

"Hollie Vest Rocks with excitement. Her Performances have been overwhelming with audience approval. Vest is a professional entertainer; she is vivacious, charismatic and multitalented

"Hollie Vest ... one of the best."

Players Panorama

Earned Raves

"Hollywood Casino's new 'Hollywood Superstars' revue was left Tina Turner-less last week when the impersonator abruptly decamped ... Actress Hollie Vest flew in from Vegas, filled those high heels cold, and earned raves.

Guess who now has a full-time gig belting 'Proud Mary' in Aurora?"

dacity, The Herald News, Illinois

Proud Mary

"Then came the intro to 'Proud Mary' and Tina Turner appeared (alias Hollie Vest), shaking her stuff. The energy in this woman could power downtown Las Vegas on a Saturday night. Her facial expressions, body movements and dynamic voice would fool and impress any Tina Turner fan ... She finishes her performance with more movement than a 9.5 California earthquake. Being impressed beyond my wildest dreams, and thinking 'this must be the finale' ..."

Georgina Kezia, Singles Register